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Are Apologies from Public Figures Good Enough?

We have all seen it and heard it before! Some public figure says or does something awful and if there is a public backlash they apologise, well sort of apologise ... Read More

Smoking Revenues

Is The Talk of Smoking Bans Hypocritical?

More and more, Councils and Governments are restricting places where people can smoke. Several Councils are debating motions to completely ban smoking within their areas of control despite allowing ... Read More

Christopher Pyne

Should Christopher Pyne Face A Senate Inquiry Over His New Job?

Christopher Pyne has come under fire for accepting a job with Defence Conulting Firm EY just weeks after leaving politics and stepping down as Minister of ... Read More


Is 5G Today, Just Marketing Hype To Make Us Spend More?

We have all seen the ads, we have all heard the hype. 5G is coming and it is going to change our lives and make everything mobile much better. Or is it? ... Read More

About The Pub Test

About The Pub Test

The Pub Test is a new community opinion platform to get your thoughts and opinions on issues of the day.

Whilst some of the Tests are political in nature, we are non-partisan in what we ask with no agenda except finding out what the community at large thinks and feels about a particular issue.